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Product Care

Safety for our Petites is of great importance in any home.  Please read the following carefully:
  • Once you receive the mat please remove and discard the box and plastic packaging safely.
  • Roll your mat in the reverse direction to help flatten the edges. Allow time for corners to settle after unrolling. Please be careful not to trip on them in this time.
  • Wipe down mat with a damp cloth before use
  • Avoid sharp objects coming incontact with the mat. Such as children and pets teeth.
  • Prolonged heavy furniture will leave an indent in the mat. This may or may not resolve.
  • Always clean spills immediately with warm water and a mild detergent only.
  • Do not soak or leave in the rain, as this can fade the colours.
  • Avoid leaving your mat in direct sunlight or near heat for prolonged periods